Corporate law

Under the Companies Act 2013, every company is required to mandatory comply with various provisions. It has one of the most harsh penalties with some of them based a per-day penalty for each day of delay and several others leading to prosecution and imprisonment of directors. Not only is the Company Law strict with this, but the spate of changes/new additions have made it very important to constantly keep one abreast of the changes and compliance requirements. Recent compliances introduced under this law are Director KYC, Company Active KYC, Significant Beneficial Ownership reporting, MSME reporting. These are over and above the regular compliances such as statutory meetings and maintaining statutory registers, preparation of Schedule III, Board Reports, Annual return filings etc.

SMJA assists in providing all of the above services and we strive to ensure our client organization’s compliances are tracked and complied with routinely. We follow certain best practices such as verifying data on the MCA portal from time to time, keeping track of the chronological order of events whether it is a meeting or change of director or a transfer of share title, over and above what is mandated under the company law so that the information is double-checked and verified leading to less errors and omissions.

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